Experts in crisis & business continuity management

RESCO is a small and nimble company specialized in Business Continuity Management & Crisis Management. All of our consultants have the necessary certifications to show that they do not just have the experience but also the theoretical background to be able to tackle any challenge. Their knowledge base keeps expanding ..
We have experience in most sectors (both profit and non-profit) and can easily adapt to your company culture.

Consulting and implementation services in crisis & business continuity management

Whatever the challenge you're facing, we can help you.
We have a broad knowledge base and are able to tackle any challenge.

Do you need a complete Business Continuity Management System or do you just want to have an excercise to test your preparedness?

Whether it's just a small project or a long-term commitment, we have the drive, passion and know-how to make sure it becomes a success.

Education in crisis & business continuity management

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a junior just starting out, we can provide you with the tools & training to become a success.

Software solutions adapted to your needs.

We can provide assistance when deciding on software solutions for your business continuity or crisis management programme.

Advocacy and expertise on crisis & business continuity management

We also do speaking engagements, both our co-founders are passionate public speakers who like nothing better than to be able to ‘spread the word’ about business continuity.