The experts in building organizational resilience

At RESCO we pride ourselves on the fact that we have specialized in Business Continuity and Crisis Management, because of this focus we have become experts and can help any kind of business no matter what shape or size help to become a better, stronger company.

Our goal is to be recognized as the leading supplier and authority in Crisis & Business Continuity Management services in Belgium.


Jos Goffin

Jos is an experienced top level executive & people manager, he gained a great reputation and an incredibly broad experience over the years by doing two simple things, learning continuously and working at an incredible pace.
He has been leading every kind of organization imaginable from small teams to massive (blue chip) organizations at both national and international level. And even in his spare time he continues to lead, he’s the chairman of multiple non-profit organizations and a driving force behind numerous initiatives.
He has a career which spans over more than three decades and a whole range of sectors. Always eager to learn (try counting all of his degrees & accreditations) and open to new opportunities and of course not a stranger to entrepreneurship, he jumped at the opportunity to create a new company with his son.

Robert Goffin

Robert Goffin is a Master in Applied Economics (HUBrussel) who majored in entrepeneurship and corporate management. Even during his studies Robert was fascinated by Business Continuity Management and everything it entails, it even made him write his thesis on this very subject.

During his studies he worked on numerous projects through his father's company, which made him even more interested and fueled his drive to start his own consultancy firm one day.

Always the one to say that he wanted to start his own company some day he didn't need any convincing to start RESCO with his father.

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  • Consulting and implementation services in crisis & business continuity management
  • Education in crisis & business continuity management
  • Software solutions adapted to the client's needs.
  • Advocacy and expertise on crisis & business continuity management

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